Big Decisions

This page  documents the main design decisions and gives some background on each.

Transistors, diodes and resistors

These are the basic building blocks of electronics.   On the plus side they taught at GCSE/A-level, on the negative side there's a lot to wire up.  Easy to put a good number of LEDs in place to see the state.   Relays are simpler, but much slower and so not able to run games.   Integrated circuits are faster and cheap, bu tare black boxes and can't wire in LEDs to see state.


1m by 1m (expected).   It should fit in a car, be mountable on a wall and be visible from the back of a large lecture theatre.

Processor only

RPi Hosted

16 bit architecture

Small instruction set

  lack of push/pop

little/big endian



Descending stacks