Raspberry Pi

Main parts (all prices include VAT and have free shipping):
  • Raspberry Pi 3  £31.18
  • Official Raspberry Pi International PSU £7.65
  • 16GB SanDisk Ultra 533x 80MB/s Class 10 Micro SD SDHC £5.92
  • 2000 misc electronic components £27.00 - buy this - you won't necessarily need it for the nanoCPU but it's a must buy for learning.  You want to fix a problem, you google it, you learn, you find you've already got the part you need.
  • Plastic case £1.31
  • T Type GPIO Extension Board + 40Pin Signal Ribbon Cable £2.33

  • 1000 NPN transistors £4.91
  • 1000 10k ohm resistors £3.40
  • 600 assorted resistors £1.96
  • 10 x 15cm Photograph Storage Pockets £3.99 in store for organising resistors
  • 500 Blue Super Bright LED £4.10
  • 500 diodes £1.66
Don't try skimping on either the PSU or the memory card, especially the memory card.   I had two cheaper ones get corrupted after days/weeks of use.

Booting it up:
  • Install Raspbian.  I'm currently using 2016-11-25-raspbian-jessie which requires you to touch /boot/shh if you want to do a headless install.
  • apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade - safest to upgrade now.
  • apt-get install emacs-nox (wiring-pi is already installed)
  • If you know how to, NFS mount your home directory from a linux server.  That way whatever you do your work is safe.